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8 Top FAQs

Question 01: What is the meaning of modular kitchen?
Answer 01: Modular kitchen arose from the idea of offering an organised space to the home makers for preparing delicious meals in minimum time possible. The concept includes installing pre-fabricated modules manufactured on precision machineries in factories in the space allocated to the kitchen. These modules are not prepared on the site and just require installing them, creating no mess or hassle to the home owners. The objective of modular kitchen is maximum utilization of available space, without any inconvenience. A typical modular kitchen comprises modules of various sizes, drawers, cabinets, accessories, hardware and fittings. There is ample storage space available in a modular kitchen.

Question 02: What are the benefits of installing a modular kitchen?
Answer 02: Offering a range of advantages to the home owners, modular kitchen have become a dear concept to many people. It is designed to provide maximum benefits to the home owners. Beginning from the layout, the modular kitchen makes sure it makes maximum use of available space. Further, the material of the modules in the kitchen is such that it becomes easy to clean and maintain. Modular kitchens can be designed according to personal budgets, without overspending it. The installation of modular kitchen does not take much time. It can be completed within weeks as it just requires setting up the modules and not fabricating them.

Question 03: How can I design the modular kitchen that meets my objectives?
Answer 03: The best thing about getting a modular kitchen for the home is that it meets the individual requirements of the family members. Before taking the plunge, one of the family members should note down different requirements and try to inculcate them in the modular kitchen. The planner who is engaged to take care of designing should be conveyed of these requirements. Home owners have the complete liberty to choose the materials, hardware, accessories and the layout of the kitchen. The modular kitchen should be designed taking the height of the home maker into consideration. The home maker should be able to reach out to things in minimum possible time.

Question 04: What is more beneficial - modular kitchen or carpentry kitchen?
Answer 04: The requirement of home owners differs considerably when it comes to designing a kitchen. Their preferences vary depending upon their experiences and requirements. For some, modular kitchen is a perfect set-up, others opt for carpentry kitchen. Each set-up has its own advantages and shortcomings. Home owners who do not have much time at hand should go for modular kitchen. Carpentry kitchen should be preferred by those who have experience I getting one designed for their kitchen space. Modular kitchen is the best option for people with transferable jobs while carpentry kitchen is for people who will not shift homes for the coming times.

Question 05: How much investment should I make in modular kitchen?
Answer 05: The amount of investment required for modular kitchen depends upon the budget allocation. The highlight and benefit of modular kitchen is that with many options available, the investment can fluctuate from one home to the other. While some desire a basic modular kitchen for a small space, others desire of an elaborate kitchen complete with dining room. This influences the price of the modular kitchen. Generally, a modular kitchen can be acquired in around 70,000 to 80,000 INR. The price of the modular kitchen can go up to five lakhs too. Home owners can increase the investment in the things they prefer too.

Question 06: How much time will modular kitchen take for getting ready?
Answer 06: The time required for a modular kitchen to be ready for use varies from one unit to the other. There are several factors that are taken into consideration for the time frame, one of which is size of the space. Bigger the area allocated to the kitchen, more is the time required. Even the choice of enhancements like accessories, hardware and fittings vary from individual to individual. This makes up the major part of time frame. Typically, it takes between three weeks to one month for a modular kitchen to be ready. This time is much less as compared to carpentry kitchen.

Question 07: How should I maintain a modular kitchen?
Answer 07: The idea of modular kitchen is to reduce the work of cleaning and maintenance. Home owners who have installed modular kitchen have experienced reduce hassles and inconvenience related to the kitchen work. However, the maintenance work varies from kitchen to kitchen and even climatic conditions. Modular kitchens in India require little maintenance owing to the humid and greasy atmosphere here. Home owners just need to make use of damp cotton cloth to wipe off the exteriors. They should even remember to use a dry one afterwards or else the wet stains become visible. The storage area should be checked on regular basis too.

Question: 08: Are Hob, Chimney, Sink and other modular kitchen appliances really necessary?
Answer 08: The objective of installing a Modular kitchen is to experience highest levels of comfort and convenience. In the absence of chimney, sink, hob and other appliances, modular kitchen seems to be incomplete. Modular kitchen is such designed that using these contemporary appliances makes the odd chores in the kitchen effortless. For instance, chimneys help keep the kitchen interiors clean and tidy in a number of ways. New-age chimneys not only absorb the smoke, but also grease, dust and odours that emanate in the kitchen. This way the modular kitchen remains spotless. Home owners should consider the appliances as a wise investment.
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